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Scale with us from a few orders/day to hundreds or thousands. Stress Free! Focus on optimizing your Product-Fit and Online Marketing and we'll do the rest!
Pay when you get paid! Our unique pricing aligns with your sales. Removing variable logistics costs like storage fee. Pay a fixed cost per item sold. Keep more cash upfront to advertise more, keep enough inventory to promote growth, and ultimately deliver better customer experience while reducing your costs.

A Bit About Us

Our Story

Our two founders started their e-commerce experience in 2003 with various retail and wholesales stores. They struggled with many things, one, in particular, is order fulfillment. Especially as they expanded and faced unknown sales trajectory. They realized that the existing pricing models for order fulfillment is not aligned with their focus to experiment and grow sales. It included fixed costs that tie funds that otherwise will be spent in advertising and buying more stock. This is how Lucky38 was born. 

In the past couple of years, they have supported hundreds of businesses from inception to tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.

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Delivery Van

Free Receiving & Free Storage

Pay per Item Sold

Packaging Factory

Express Shipping

Always Prepared



We've got you covered! Free receiving and Free storage with minimum 25 orders per day. Transparent pricing (no extra man hours, or storage bins cost). Pay when you get paid and use these extra monthly dollars you'll be keeping to buy more advertising, more stock and flatten the fulfillment cost for seasonal products. We know how it's like! Supporting your rapid growth works both ways!

> Disclaimer - We have placed few limits to enable us to provide this great pricing model for everyone: We will not charge for up to 1000 cubic feet, and will be receiving up to 50 boxes a month (or one pallet) for free with a minimum of 25 orders per day.

Pay Per Oder

First item: $ 3.0

Every additional item: $ 2.5 + Your choice of Shipping+ Your choice of packaging

Free Storage*

With a minimum of 25 orders per day. 

Starting a new online store? Let us know and we'll remove the minimum daily orders requirement for three months with a $500 setup fee

Free Receiving Stock

We will never charge you man hours for receiving your shipments


I started with 10 order per day, 4 months later I was selling 450 orders per day. Pricing per item sold enabled me to focus on selling and use the extra dollars for advertising!

Jackie Thakur


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